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FOODS in kindergarten


Eating in kindergarten</a>

Food is a very important part of a person's life, especially in childhood.

It is enough to remember yourself and your friends: When adults are anxious or nervous, they can absorb food in large quantities or vice versa, saying that "a piece does not fit into the throat". That is, the reaction to stress is different.

The same happens with the child.

Changes related to the beginning of the child'sKindergarten, are stress for him. And children react to this stress in different ways. Someone starts to say that he is hungry very often, despite the fact that he recently ate. And other children, on the contrary, begin to eat very little. This should be taken into account both by parents and educators.
It is possible that changing the attitude of the childTo food can be caused by the desire to receive an additional portion of attention from the parents. In this case, the problem will be solved if the parents spend more time with the child. You can play with him, read a book or just take a walk and talk about everything in the world. These precious moments will raise the mood of the child, his condition is normalized. Accordingly, the appetite will improve.
Problems can arise for other reasons. The child may well be just accustomed to parents by a certain menu. And changing the menu associated with the kindergarten for the child may be unusual. Then it's worth and at home to start sometimes cooking dishes similar to those that children eat in the kindergarten. The food at home by the child will be perceived more loyally, and having got used to its taste, it without problems can eat it and in a kindergarten.
In any case, parents should not panic andThink that the child is undernourished and this threatens him with some kind of horror. If the child is really hungry, then he will eat something, so the organism is arranged. And persuasion or even threats can completely discourage the child's interest in food. Or the habit can be formed over and above, simply because "it is so necessary". This is nothing good, except as excess weight and health problems in the future for the child will not turn around.

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