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Food in kindergarten

Food is a very important part of human life, especially in childhood.

Suffice it to recall himself and his friends: when adults who are experiencing or are nervous, they can absorb large amounts of food in or on the contrary, to say that "a piece in the throat does not climb." That is a reaction to stress at all different.

This happens with the child.

Changes associated with the beginning of a child going to thegarden are stressful for him. And the children respond to the stress in different ways. Someone begins to speak, he often hungry, despite the fact that he had recently eaten. And the other children, on the contrary, begin to eat very little. It should take into account the parents and caregivers.
It is possible that a change in the child's relationshipto food it can be caused by the desire to obtain additional portion of attention from their parents. In this case, the problem will be solved if parents spend more time with the child. You can play with him, read a book or just take a walk and talk about everything. These precious moments cheer up the child, his condition is normal. Accordingly, adjusted and appetite.
Problems can also arise for other reasons. The child may quite simply be taught to parents to a specific menu. And the menu change related to the garden may be unusual for a child. Then it is necessary to start at home and sometimes to prepare meals like the fact that children eat in the garden. Food child at home will be treated loyal and accustomed to its taste, he will be able to eat it in the garden without any problem.
In any case, parents should not panic andto think that the child is malnourished and that threatens him some horrors. If a child is really hungry, he is anything but eat, so arranged the body. And persuasion or even the threat may well do to discourage child interest in food. Or can also form the habit of eating to excess, just because "as necessary". This is no good, but to excess weight and health problems in the future not turn out for the child.

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