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NATIONAL FONTS for gentle peeling of the skin of the face


Folk remedies for gentle skin peeling</a>

Peeling is recognized as the most important component of caring forSkin of the face. Thanks to this procedure, the pores are cleared and the dead cells of the epidermis are removed, which is important for skin regeneration and improvement of its appearance.

Lovers of natural cosmetics without preservatives can prepare peeling for the face skin at home.

It is important to know

It is mandatory during the peeling procedure inHome conditions, wash off the face with cosmetics. Otherwise, there is a risk of allergies and skin irritation. The skin should be clean and damp.
Peeling is not only cleansing the skin, but alsoUseful massage, stimulating the flow of blood to the cells. It should be remembered that the massage is done with the pads of the fingers, very gently and gently, exclusively on special massage lines. Otherwise, there is a risk of adding some wrinkles over time. Try to avoid stretching the skin - the movements should be light, as with careful application of the cream.
For a better effect before starting the procedureIt is advisable to steam out your face after taking a bath. Then the pores expand and the skin will be more susceptible to scrub. Remember that when massage the skin with the use of peeling, it is easy to overdo it and leave small scratches on the flushed skin. Therefore, it is advisable to devote time to peeling before going to bed so that by morning all traces of yesterday's skin care session have disappeared.

Do not scrub the skin around the eyes - it is too tender and delicate for such tests. Also, you do not need to peel the skin every day - it's best not more than twice a week.

By the way, contained in the means for peelingExfoliating particles should not come into contact with problem areas of the face, otherwise the situation can only worsen, so try to avoid pimples and rashes on the face side - scratches can exacerbate inflammation.

How to prepare a tender home peeling

A variety of natural exfoliating substancesAllows you to prepare many home scrubs for any type of skin. There are many national recipes for the preparation of peeling, most of the ingredients for which you can find in any kitchen.
A classic example is sugar peeling. One of the simplest and cheapest recipes. For sugar peeling you will need:
- baby soap-
- granulated sugar - 1 tsp.
Put on your face foamed baby soap(Avoid the area around the eyes), why rub over the soap foam with gentle circular movements rub sugar into the skin. After a couple of minutes, wash the scrub with cool water.

Sugar peeling perfectly cleanses the skin, but it is not suitable for those whose skin is prone to dryness.

You can prepare yourself a gentle anti-aging peel. After it the skin will bleach, it will look fresh and young.
You will need:
- Fresh cucumber - 1 piece-
- oat flour - 1 tbsp.
- fine sea salt - 1 tsp-
- essential oil.
First, you need to squeeze the juice from the cucumber, thenAdd it to the flour and mix it with salt. In the resulting mixture you need to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (citrus fruits and flowers are good). With a scrub, massage the face skin for two minutes, then lie down and enjoy the rest, the face scrub forms a mask. After 10-12 minutes, rinse with warm or cool water.
If you want to tone your skin, give itElasticity and smoothness, prepare a tonic peeling. The main ingredient of such cosmetics is coffee. Mix in equal parts ground coffee beans and crushed to the state of flour rice. If your skin belongs to both fatty or mixed type, add a couple of spoons of yogurt to the mixture. For normal and dry skin, add a little milk or sour cream.
Massage the skin with a prepared scrub for two minutes, leave the face peeling for 5-10 minutes - the skin will be saturated with nutrients. Then rinse with warm (not hot!) Water.

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