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EXTRAORDINARY fertilizing of plants


Foliar top dressing of plants</a>

In nature, many plants, which through the leaves receive everything necessary for their development, moisture and nutrition, for example, bromeliads.

Top-dressing on leaves has long been used by professionals involved in growing plants.

About foliar top dressings are known to advanced summer residents.

But the fertilizing of plants through the leaves, in comparison with the main application of fertilizers to the soil, has a number of advantages.



Selectivity of processing. When applying fertilizer to the soil, it dissolves, it feeds not only those plants that we want to feed. Most of these fertilizers go to weeds. And they quickly begin to "fatten", oppressing and dislodging useful ones.
Foliar top dressing acts exactly. Where we make it, what kind of culture we feed, that one gets the right food.


Quickly and effectively we bring foliar top dressing to the feelings of our cultivated plants, precisely at the moment when they need this help.
Determine the shortage of an element(Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron) can be by the appearance of plants. In a short time, we eliminate the shortage of nutrition at this stage of life. After all, such a top dressing begins to work already a day after the application.


The cost-effectiveness of foliar feeding is several times higherCompared with the application of fertilizers to the soil. If the application rate of dry fertilizer is on the average 20-40 g per 1 square meter, then 20-30 g, dissolved in 10 liters of water, it is possible to feed on leaves almost a whole hundred with cultivated plants.


Combined top dressing with protective-stimulatingPreparations. For one such feeding, you can feed and treat plants, for example, against diseases fungicide or energy-stimulant. With one treatment, "we kill two birds with one stone."

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