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How to fold flowers from paper


How to fold flowers from paper</a>

Flowers from paper are not only complex origami schemes and corrugated products, reminiscent of the May demolitions.

It can be bright, slightly primitive decorative flowers, with which you decorate a holiday table or gift wrapping.

You will need

  • - two-sided colored paper or thin cardboard-
  • - scissors-
  • - glue-
  • - wire-
  • - a pencil.



Such an article on the forces and the child. It is enough to cut out from a double-sided cardboard a schematic form of a flower: a tulip, a camomile, a bell, etc. Instead of a circle of a core of contrasting paper, you can use bright buttons, small pompons, pieces of velvet fabric. Cut out leaves of different shapes and sizes from green cardboard. Instead of a stalk, you can use sticks from an ice cream or a straw from a juice. Glue the flower and leaves to the stem with a good glue.


Cut out paper of different colors or cardboardSeveral circles of different diameters. The edges of the circles make in the form of petals - semicircular, sharp, triangular, oval. Put on the figures of a larger diameter a smaller diameter circle of a different color with a different shape of the petal. Thus, by changing the colors and shapes, you can add a lot of bright fancy colors from the paper. They are perfect for decorating holiday packages, postcards and decorating a children's room.


Find in the stationery stores a beautiful colorDouble-sided paper. It will take several sheets with a picture or ornament, with a volume texture. Cut out a circle about 20 centimeters in diameter from the paper, it is not necessary to make it perfectly flat - as the hand will take. Then from this circle begin to cut out the spiral (not necessarily with even edges).


Make as many blanks as you want to see the flowers in your bouquet. Diameter and color of circles, cut by spirals, do different.


Gently grasp the tip of the spiral with your fingers andStart folding the paper in the bud. When you fold the whole spiral, put the bud on the table. There, he will blossom slightly and take his final form.


To fix this form, glue the core with glue and allow the ready-made flower to dry thoroughly. In the meantime, take care to cut out the leaves.


From the green textured paper cut out leaves of different sizes, but the same shape - flowers, and you have the same species! At the base of the sheet fold and glue, so do with each leaf.


Wrap on greased wire greenOr brown corrugated paper or wool thread of the appropriate color. Fold the tip of the wire at an angle of 90% and glue it to the base of the flower. In the site of the stalk you have glued and leaves. Here you have collected a paper flower, proceed to the next! When you collect enough flowers for the bouquet, put it in a stylish vase on the table.

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