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How to fold a napkin in a fan


How to fold a napkin in a fan</a>

Napkins are an indispensable item on the table. They are put in order that guests in case of anything can wipe their lips, hands, as well as tablecloth, if accidentally fell on it.

In addition, they can serve as decor elements for the table. If they are beautifully folded, this will give the table a festive look.

You can stack them in different ways.

It is not necessary to add and leave identical figures. You can put several different folded options.

The simplest option is to fold the napkin fan.



Take a napkin - it should be made of denseCanvases. Ideally suitable linen napkin. Of course, you can use paper, but they will not look so effective on the table, and at the time of folding they can tear. Fold the napkin in half so that the front side is out, and its fold is on top. Now three-quarters of the entire length is carefully folded into the accordion, while bending the very first fold downwards. Make sure that the folds are even and do not protrude. Each subsequent fold, including the first, should be no more than 2.5 centimeters in width. Usually it turns out somewhere around five folds.


Now unfold it so that the smooth partWas on the right side. Fold in half so that you get all the folds on top. Now this smooth and not folded part needs to be turned into a support, due to which the fan will stand on a table or a plate. To do this, smooth the part gently curl along the diagonal, as a result you will get a sort of "tail", and gently begin to poke this support under the folded folds.


After the support is ready, neatlyPut the resulting fan on the table and slightly straighten the folds, so that there is no visible bruising and unevenness. A properly folded fan will stand on the table by itself, thanks to a support made from a napkin unassembled into the folds.


In case you want to put the napkins in a glass,Then the support can not be done. In this case, make a fold around the entire fabric, and its end is slightly tied in a small bundle, so that the fan does not fall apart. Now, carefully lower this knot in a glass or in a special container designed for napkins, and fold the creases to make them look larger.

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