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How to fold a napkin fan

Napkins are an indispensable subject on the table. They were put to the guests in the case of what might wipe his lips, hands, as well as the tablecloth, if accidentally dripped on it.

In addition, they can serve as table decorations. If they are beautifully folded, it will give the table a festive look.

Fold them can be different.

It is not necessary to put and keep the same figures. You can put a folded several different options.

The simplest option - it is a napkin folded like a fan.



Take a tissue - it must be a densecanvases. Ideal linen napkin. Of course, you can use paper, but they will not effectively look at the table, and at the time of folding can tear. Fold the napkin in half so that the exposed side will be out, and it was on top of the fold. Now, three-quarters of the length of the gently fold in an accordion, while bending the very first fold down. Make sure that the folds were obtained straight and do not protrude. Each subsequent fold, including the first, must be less than 2.5 centimeters in width. Usually I get somewhere around five folds.


Now expand it so that the smooth partIt was on the right side. Fold in half, so you get all the wrinkles on top. Now this is not a smooth and folded portion should be turned into support, thanks to which the fan will be on the table or plate. For this part of the smooth gently roll on the diagonal, as a result you get a kind of a "tail", and carefully start to tuck this support under the folded pleats.


Once support is ready, carefullyPut the resulting fan on the table and slightly flatten the folds, that was not visible bruises or roughness. Correctly folded fan will be on the table by relying on their own, made out of non-assembled in the fold "tail" napkins.


In case you want to put into a glass cloth,the support can not do. In this case, make a crease across the fabric and its end lightly tie a small knot to the fan is not broken up. Now this knot gently lower into the glass or in a special container designed for tissue and fluff fold to make them look bigger.

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