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How to lay down a boat


How to lay down a boat</a>

Often folding the boat grows into a largeProblem. But do not panic and push the boat into the trunk, without really turning, otherwise there is a risk of damaging its surface, and it will not serve you long service.

To properly and compactly add any boat, you need only a little training.



Folding A boat Should be in a dry clean place. Before you start it to fold, you need to be on the side, bottom, wash the outside with a soap solution to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors. After thorough washing, it should be dried. Drying should be carried out in an inflated condition, so that moisture evaporates as best as possible, and the fabric does not crack from water.


Be sure to check all the seams, and, making sure thatNowhere are the pieces of dried mud left, start the procedure of folding. Initially, you need to release air. To do this, open the valves and squeeze out air from the cylinders, helping with hands or feet. Dispose of residual air using an electric or manual (foot) pump. It is important that all the air has been pumped out, otherwise the boat will not turn sealed and will crumple.


Having lowered all air, it is necessary to pull for a train inBow to flatten the front of the cylinders. Only after the cylinders are leveled, press them to the transom. That the middle part of cylinders was not going to, it also needs to be leveled by pulling the line along the line towards the bow in the opposite direction from the transom.


After this, it is necessary to fold both blown sides so that the folded boat is no wider than the transom. Then, press the folded sides with the transom.


Next - start folding A boat Towards the bow. Fold the bow of the boat under the main part.


In this form, the boat's hull is packed in a bag. The remaining accessories, previously cleaned of dirt and dried, should be removed into another cover.

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