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How much to fly to Cuba from Moscow


How much to fly to Cuba from Moscow</a>

There are several ways to get to Cuba from Moscow. There are direct flights Moscow - Havana.

But there are also ways with transplants, both to the capital of Cuba, and to the resort area of ​​Varadero.

They are more expensive in time, but often more profitable financially.

Moscow - Cuba without transfer

Varadero is at a distance of 9525 kilometersfrom Moscow. Havana is approximately the same distance from the capital of Russia. Overcome this path can be in thirteen hours, if you take a ticket for a direct direct Moscow-Havana plane. Such flights are carried out by two Russian airlines - Transaero and Aeroflot. The journey time is almost three hours longer than the return trip. Therefore, back from Havana to Moscow can be reached in ten hours. There are no direct flights from Moscow to Varadero.

Airlines from time to time hold promotions for the sale of tickets at discounted prices for different destinations. If you subscribe to the newsletter on the carrier's website, you can buy a ticket to Cuba cheaper.

Flight with transfer - how long will the docking take

Flights with transfers from Moscow to Havana andVaradero is operated by Transaero Airlines and Air Berlin. In the first one there are flights with one change, the latter carry out flights with one or two. Accordingly, they will differ in time. With one transfer, on average, fly sixteen to eighteen hours, provided that a short docking is planned (from forty minutes to two hours). With two transplants, travel time can take up to thirty-four hours. This is quite tiring, especially for travelers with children. But there is one positive point. During long (more than four hours) docking, the airline is obliged to provide travelers with a hotel. And this means that there is a chance to go outside the airport and see a new country. But this is possible only where there is a visa-free entry for Russians or there is an opportunity to deliver an instant transit visa at the airport, which is valid up to thirty-six hours. Flight with two transplants can be convenient for those who are not limited in time of rest and do not fly to Cuba for a standard two weeks. Otherwise, there simply is no point in wasting precious time, which can be carried out with greater productivity on the island.

The difference between the cost of direct flight and those,Which are carried out with docking, often very small. Therefore, if there is not much time to rest, it is better to choose a non-stop flight.

Where to fly - to Havana or to Varadero?

Fans of beach holidays can be advisedFlight immediately to Varadero with one transfer. By the time it turns out more profitable than to fly to Havana, and from there to get to the resort area. And those who want to see the capital of the island of Freedom, it is better, of course, to buy a ticket with a direct flight. Then a short vacation is enough to inspect the main attractions, and to the beach lazy rest.

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