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HOW wash water-based paints

How to wash latex paint

Water-based paint resistant to moisture, it is very difficult to wash off. Special problems is water-resistant coating, which does not pass at all through its water.

But to remove the paint from the ceiling, it is still possible, the main thing a little try.

Of course, simply wash it with a cloth and water is unrealistic, and will need other tools and little effort.

You will need

  • -water
  • -pushisty roller
  • -putty knife



Wet the ceiling a few times roll. Use warm water and moisten as much as possible. It is necessary to achieve disintegration layer of latex paint. If you paint it does not absorb water, so that it is water-resistant. You do not have to suffer, soak it will not work no matter what, not to mention the water. Substances that are added to this kind of vodoemulsionku, repels moisture, and do not give to penetrate her in the dye molecules.


Now with a spatula scrape off the soddenpaint. You can use a scraper on a long handle. Removes it should be easy enough, before the foundation of the internal ceiling layer (filler). If the paint is water-resistant, abrade it with a spatula, however, to make it not so easy. Wear a dust mask to prevent dust from getting into your lungs. If there is no result from a spatula, a little tap on the ceiling, hammer and continue to rip off.


If the paint is washed off and fallen away in places piecesplaster, dilute any mixture of putty and level the surface of the ceiling. Let everything dry out a bit, and apply a coat of primer. You can re-paint the ceiling in a different color. The same processing option and washing with water-based ink is used for the further installation of suspended ceilings.

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