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How to wash off water-based paint


How to wash off water-based paint</a>

Water-based paint is resistant to moisture, it is very difficult to wash it off. Special problems are caused by a waterproof coating, which does not let water through at all.

But you can remove the paint from the ceiling, the main thing is to try a little.

Of course, to wash it off simply with a rag and water is unreal, you will need other tools and a little effort.

You will need

  • -water
  • - a fluffy roller
  • -putty knife



Well, soak the ceiling several times with a roller. Use warm water, and wet as much as possible. It is necessary to achieve the soaking of a layer of water-based paint. If your paint does not absorb water at all, it means that it is moisture-resistant. You can not suffer, soak it will not work with any substance, let alone water. Substances added to this type of water-based emulsion, repel moisture, and do not allow it to penetrate into the molecules of the paint.


Scrape off the soaked with a spatulaCoat of paint. You can use a scraper on a long handle. It should be removed fairly easily, to the base of the inner layer of the ceiling (putty). If the paint is water resistant, rip it with a spatula, however, it is not so easy to do it. Put on a respirator so that dust does not get into your lungs. If there is no result from the spatula, tap the ceiling with a hammer and continue to tear off.


If in some places the paint was washed off and the pieces disappearedPlaster, dilute any mixture for putty and level the surface of the ceiling. Let everything dry up a little, and apply a coat of primer. You can paint the ceiling again in a different color. The same version of treatment and washing of water-based paint is used for the further installation of suspended ceilings.

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