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FLOWERS for a winter bouquet


Flowers for a winter bouquet</a>

Amateur flower growers should now think about winter and plant in their area dried flowers that can be dried. And they will remind the winter of a bright and colorful summer.

Cultivate better those plants that dry naturally, while retaining color.

Gypsophila perennial - "air" plant withCountless small flowers that give the bouquet a delicacy and grace. He loves to have the sun lit up from morning till evening. Propagated by seeds and the division of roots in the spring. Blooms in August-September. For the winter, it is better to cover the roots with leaves or coniferous branches.

Lunarium (luni) is a biennial plant. After flowering (dark purple flowers, like a night violet) on the stems very quickly grow fruits in the form of oval flat pods. In early September, the stems are cut. After the plant has dried, the leaves are removed. Seeds are used for planting the next year. And on the stem there are partitions of the pearlescent pods that adorn the flower.

Zhemchuzhnitsa is a perennial plant with a lot of white flowers, similar to chrysanthemum. When drying, the flowers remain white. Cut for drying in June-July. It is better to propagate by dividing the root.

Helichrysum (immortelle) - beautiful flowersAll sorts of colors, from light yellow to dark red. Even when the flowers are still growing on the street, it seems that they have already withered. Cut them half-blown out on a sunny day. Propagated by seeds in the spring. Very adorn any flower garden.

These are just a few colors that you can use for winter bouquets. Withered inflorescences of hydrangeas, clematis look wonderful.

Making a bouquet on a dark autumn day from pre-cooked flowers will bring you much pleasure, and to those to whom you give them, great joy. It's a bit of summer in your house.

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