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FLOWERS winter bouquet

Flowers for winter bouquet

Florist amateur must now think about the winter and plant in their area dried flowers, which can dry up. And they will remind the winter of bright and colorful summer.

Plants grow better than those which dry naturally while maintaining the color.

Gypsophila many years - "air" a plant withcountless small flowers that give the bouquet delicacy and grace. It likes to sun lit it from morning to evening. Propagated by seeds and by division of roots in spring. It blooms in August and September. For the winter is better to cover the roots of the leaves or pine branches.

Lunar (honesty) - biennial plant. After flowering (dark purple flowers, like the night violet) on the stems very quickly grow fruit in the form of oval flat pods. In early September, the stalks are cut. Once the plant is dry, remove the sash. The seeds are used for planting next year. And on the stem are partitions pods pearlescent colors that decorate the flower.

Pearl - a perennial plant, with lots of white flowers, similar to the chrysanthemum. When drying the flowers are white. Cut off the drying in June and July. It is best propagated by dividing the roots.

Gelihrizum (Helichrysum) - beautiful flowersvarious colors, from light yellow to dark red. Even when the flowers are still growing in the streets, it seems that they have already dried up. Cut off their half-open on a sunny day. Propagate by seed in spring. It will decorate any flower garden.

These are just a few flowers that can be used for winter bouquets. Great look dried hydrangea blossoms, clematis.

Drawing up a bouquet in a dark autumn day of pre-prepared colors will bring you a lot of fun, and those who gave them to you, a great joy. It's a piece of summer in your home.

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