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Floor-to-ceiling windows: Problems and solutions

Floor-to-ceiling windows - the prestigious card apartment

Rating panoramic glazing does not exclude the related problems.

There are ways to solve some of them, and ways to minimize the disadvantages of windows from floor to ceiling.

Panoramic windows of apartments, balconies and loggias- One of the most popular ways to make your home a modern and presentable. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a special microclimate in the room: it expands visually, the boundary between the living area and the space outside the window becomes illusory, that allows to survey the city from anywhere in the room.

Features panoramic windows

- Provides a high level of natural osveschennosti-
- Flat rises in price, it becomes more prestizhnoy-
- It requires permission to glazing, which is issued by the local munitsipalitetom-
- After the installation of glass panoramic balcony or loggia become a full part of the dwelling.

Installation Options window from floor to ceiling and the associated complexity

1; skylights closes composing structures (blocks) of the double-glazed windows with aluminum or wooden profile directly from the floor.
2, double-glazed windows of the design is set on a common base for their low height (40-60 cm), located along the wall.

Whatever the method of implementation of the panoramicglazing, none of them does not solve its main problem: security for residents. Despite the fact that the modern glass blocks for facades of buildings are multilayered and have the required factor of strength, no one is safe from accidents: getting into a large stone window or strong ground motions. In this case, to be near the huge glass wall is extremely dangerous.

To some extent help to resolve this issueInstallation on metal windows (or durable plastic) blinds. They will be able to keep the weight of the main window when it collapses, allowing owners to safely avoid injuries. Coating the surface of a solid block of transparent film that keeps ultraviolet light, it is a weak tool in terms of retention of the fragments during the collapse of the wall.

Warming - another problem panoramic glazing

This kind of design is good at solving wall openingquestion - protection from wind. But during the cold room with floor-to-ceiling it gets cold because of the large volume of material that is not a good accumulator tank. Next to a wall at this time quite uncomfortable.

To some extent, this question solves replacementProfile on the wood, which, unlike aluminum, it is better at trapping heat and heating up from the cold. However, high-grade fashion qualitatively insulate a window does not exist. Therefore, in such situations, one recommendation: install the panoramic windows only in regions where the climate is relatively warm. In this case, it will serve perfectly for many years and will please the owners of the premises created with the help of a favorable climate and harmonious space.

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