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Floating - life in weightlessness

Floating was coined in 1950, but widespread, this SPA-procedure was only in the last couple of decades.

Its main advantage - the possibility of complete isolation from the outside world.

Floating is ideal for those who leadactive lifestyle. It relieves muscle pain, speeds up metabolism and removes lactic acid from organizma.Chas of floating gives the body more than the rest or sleep for 6-8 hours.

This is a procedure during which the person is placedin a closed chamber with a concentrated solution, the temperature corresponds to the temperature of the human body. Due to the composition of the solution (water and Epsom salt) human body is entirely immersed in water and remain on the surface. It is because of this stay in the float chamber is compared with the state of weightlessness.

In the first visit to the habit can be testedfear, anxiety or irritation. But as soon as the body begins to raslablyatsya these oschuschueniya pass and brings a state of complete rest. To learn how to relax polnstyu require one or two sessions.

What prosiskhodit with the body during the session? Relax all the muscles of the body, the blood begins to flow endorofiny - hormones of happiness. The body is on the thin edge of dream and reality, making himself restores and Regenerating. A solution of Epsom salt has a favorable effect on the skin, removes toxins.

Mandatory condition of floating before the visit -This visit to a physical therapist. Precautions should be taken to conciliate asmatikam and high blood pressure. A young mothers allowed the procedure only after the end of the lactation period.

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