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FLIGHT Aviation College Russian

Classroom Flight Aviation College

Flight Aviation College or School trains future aircraft technicians and pilots.

The main difference between technical schools and colleges is that in addition to the basic training of students, which give technical schools, colleges added more in-depth training program.

The choice of the institution

In Flight Aviation College and the Military Schooldo not be influenced by the momentary rush of feelings, or just for the company with the best friend. Further training of the applicant will require patience and presence of interest in the future of the profession. Therefore Summer Special and choose educational institution need to be carefully considered in advance. The first question in this case raises the question of the accreditation of the future citadel of knowledge. Currently in the industry of education have proved effective as a higher flight school, and the average. However, the pilot profession still closer applies to secondary education, as It belongs more to the field of operation of the machines than to engineering.

It is sad, but, according to statistics, the number ofFlight Aviation colleges in Russia has decreased, and the choice is not very large. Today, it is best to use when choosing a school geographical factor. You must first find out whether the chosen branch of the School of the profile of the university, in which it will be possible to obtain higher education if desired. In the absence of the surrounding areas of flight school can apply to the territorial selection committee, which is in the regional governance of civil aviation, for more information. If an applicant sees himself exclusively a military pilot, then it is better to act immediately to higher flight school.

Requirements for applicants

On admission to the flight school exams or exam results count:
- matematike-
- Russian language and literature-
- Physics (for some specialties).
Right of admission to the school are graduatessecondary education schools, whose age does not exceed 25 years. But the most important criterion for training the flight case is a medical condition. The selection committee all the help and medical analyzes of the applicant must be provided. In their list are mandatory certificate from a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. A complete list of medical documents can be found in the selection committee for each school. Another surprise for entering can be photos - about 12 pieces, so please keep in mind it.

In addition to the school diploma and good healthentrant will need quick reflexes, the ability to instantly make decisions resistance to stressful situations and discipline. The doctrine does not promise to be easy, so be prepared to patiently carry out all the tasks of mentors.

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