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Flashlight for villas with their own hands

Lamps to give their own hands

It's nice to sit in the evening on the terrace and feel the cool breeze and drink a cup of tea with his family. Often the conversation time flies and it becomes dark.

Certainly electronic lighting lamps is good, but much nicer cozy lanterns with flickering candles, which can be made from readily available funds.

You will need

  • - cans-
  • - Nails different diametra-
  • - a hammer-
  • - provoloka-
  • - flomaster-
  • - kraska-
  • - kist-
  • - candles



Comfortable lanterns can be made of tin cans of canned food or other products. Banks must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.


Then outline the figure marker. Drawing must consist of points.


Next on the pre-configured images make holes with a nail and a hammer. Through the use of nails of various diameters can be obtained expression pattern.


From wire manufacture handles for which are suspended lanterns.


The resulting flashlights painted in dark colors,it may be black, dark blue, chocolate, dark gray, silver. You can use paint from a container or any waterproof, then brush handy.


After complete drying, the inside candle lanterns omitted, ignite and hang out where they are in your opinion the more necessary.

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