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Fjords of Norway: description



Norway is an amazing and unforgettable country.

It was here that the brave andFearless Vikings, not afraid of snow, cold or ice. But attract tourists to this country is not only breathtaking castles and sights.

The fjords of Norway are a place where you can feel the unique unification with nature.

What are the fjords of Norway

Fjords of norway

The word fjord can be literally translated as a bay. It is in Norway that their number is the largest. If we take into account only the main fjords without branches, then there are 97 of them. And the most surprising is that every fjord has its unforgettable landscape and its history. Some of them have a length of several tens of meters, while others stretch for tens of kilometers.

The appearance of fjords in Norway is due to two reasons:

  • As a result of tectonic movements of the earth's crust, a crust breaks and a fjord appears in its place.
  • After the glacial period, ice floes began to descend, collecting and dragging huge boulders with them. As a result, the surface structure of the land changed and the unique bays of Norway appeared.

To familiarize with all the fjords, you needTo travel around the country for several months, which is quite difficult. Therefore, you can see all the beauty of nature by visiting the most famous of the fjords. In order to find them, you need to set off on the roads leading from the cities of Bergen and Alesund.



It is unique in its size. Sognefjord is an honorable second in the list of the largest fjords in the world. In length it is as much as 204 km, and the maximum depth is 1308 meters. The fjord is located near the city of Bergen.

The landscape of the fjord is very rich: It's majestic mountains with snow caps, and endless meadows, and breathtaking waterfalls. Tourists can visit Sognefjord both on a cruise liner, and with a walk or bike trip.



Compared with the boundless Sognefjord,Geirangerfjord seems very small. After all, its length is all 20 km. But even in spite of its small size, it is still considered the most visited tourist fjord.

Already in 2006 Geirangerfjord was included in the UNESCO list. Tourists can not only enjoy the scenic spot, but also fish, rafting and kayaking.

There is on this fjord and a real threshold to heaven, where the best view opens. The tourists and the waterfalls of the fjord are delighted.



And this fjord is considered the narrowest in Norway. The surrounding rocks seem to embrace the waters of the bay. According to legend, the fjord is named after the god Njord, who fell in love with this bay for his picturesque landscapes. God liked the sea fjord much more than the boundless seas and oceans and he began to protect it.

Nærøyfjord is located 150 km from Bergen. Having reached it, you can walk along the royal path, see the stunning panorama from the observation platform of Stegastein and visit the real village of Vikings - Gudvangen.

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