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How to fix a yo-yo

The very first model of the yo-yo in history had a fairly simple structure.

Her rope was attached to the axle is very durable, almost tightly. Modern models are a little different.

They can go to sleep, because the rope is wrapped around a hinge axis.

Sleep mode allows you to perform with the yo-yo a variety of tricks.

You will need

  • Yo-yo, silicone sealant, allen wrench small, oil



Decide what work you wantspend with your yo-yo, which are planning to perform tricks. Depending on what kind of property you want to improve, you can choose the method of working with the yo-yo. With a certain type of repair, you can increase the duration of sleep mode.


Stock brake can easily be enough to glue silicone sealant.


If too tight lodged axis, it can be unscrewed with an Allen key.


To axis is not jammed in the future, it is possible to drop a little oil.


Twisting halves of the yo-yo, you need to ensure that the rope was placed on the bearing. Otherwise, after the first throw the rope may break.

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