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How to fix the scanned text

How to fix the scanned text

Very often it happens that you want to edit the text contained only on paper.

For recognition and editing at the moment there are a lot of programs that differ not only by the quality of the results, but also enhanced functionality.

Fine Reader is one of the best existing applications to meet these goals.

You will need

  • - text editor-
  • - The program Fine Reader.



Download and install the recognition softwarethe scanned text, for example, Fine Reader. Check out the programs functional - many modern versions support the integration of the scanned text directly in Word, if this feature is available in your copy of the program, perform, skip the next step.


If you have older versions of the program, scanthe right to edit the document using your standard program of copying equipment, which you usually use, and save it in .jpg format on your computer.


Click once on the right mouse buttonSaved images, select "Open With ..." and the list of programs that appears, select your newly installed Fine Reader. If you want, check the box next to "Use for all of the data for that file type. Alternatively, you can simply scan the image using the already opened the program by selecting "Scan and Read", and the image is imported from the device directly into the workspace. For this pre-configured, specify the parameters of the scanner in Fine Reader program mode.


In the resulting window, click"Recognize Text". Wait for the program will document reading. If the operation results will not meet your needs, change the scanning settings, and recognize and repeat the procedure again.


Save the document in any format supported by Microsoft Office Word program. Close Fine Reader, go to the folder in which your document has been saved.


Open the file using MS Office Word or any other text editor in which you are comfortable to work with. Make the desired changes to the file, save the results.

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