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How to fix the plastic linings

How to fix the plastic linings

The plastic lining gives the ability to easily decorate the room, paying no attention to its functional accessory.

It is used as a day of in-house work, and for the finishing of balconies and loggias.

A particular advantage of the material in the simplicity of its installation - to cope with it even the person who does not have experience in construction work.

You will need

  • - Wooden reyki-
  • - Gun brackets
  • - skoby-
  • - pila-
  • - samorezy-
  • - Drill.



Before you attach the plastic battens, You must create a frame. In principle, it is not forbidden to stick her nails liquid directly to the wall, but this is possible only when the surface is perfectly smooth. Most often, this is possible only in the decoration of walls with plasterboard. In conventional construction even in panel houses walls have their flaws, and wall paneling just will not stay. The framework also allows to align and simplify the mounting surface.


To create a self-tapping screws to attach the batten onthe entire surface of one wall thickness of the slats horizontally. The distance between the strips should be within 0.5 meters. This will allow the crate securely battens.


Attaching the plastic lining canimplemented nails with broad caps, screws or special brackets. The latter method is the most simple and can save a lot of time, since the projection fastener strips rather narrow, and fix it with screws and nails are not too comfortable.


Measure the desired height of the panel and cut itsaw or a hacksaw with fine teeth. In order not to injure a hand during operation of the cut edge, it can be treated with fine sandpaper, which aligns all the irregularities.


Insert the first panel in the strip or startingarea and secure it using the edge of the clamps in the places where the edge is in contact with the carcass rail. In fact, it turns out that each panel is fastened in 5-6 places. Then paste the following into available slots battens and secure it with the same method. Since the panel can be mounted not only on a wall but also on the ceiling.

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