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How to fix a hairstyle


How to fix a hairstyle</a>

A poorly made hairstyle can ruin a person's mood.

But still try not to get very upset, almost all mistakes can be corrected if your stylist is a professional, and you are a creative person.



Try to tell the master exactly what hair style you want on your head. Take with you a photo or magazine, where you can see this hairstyle first hand.


If you are definitely determined with the type of hair, do not settle for the persuasion and suggestions of a hairdresser to do something different. So in case of failure you will not take offense at the master.


Do not rush to declare a haircut unsuccessful. Perhaps you are just not accustomed to it, and your hair has not adapted to the new conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to wait a while to finally make sure that it turned out unsuccessfully.


Ask the opinion of loved ones. If your relatives, friends and loved one will be delighted, take a closer look at the hairstyle again - perhaps you underestimated it and you needed such a change of image.


If your idea of ​​unsuccessful hairstyle has remained unchanged, try to find mutual understanding with your stylist again, give him the opportunity to correct the mistake.


Unsuccessful haircut is easiest to re-cut,Shortening the length. And if you can not shorten the hair, try different ways of laying: change the location and direction of the parting, curl or pull the hair, raise them at the roots with varnishes or mousses. You can also lay "needles" with the help of wax.


Use rims, hair clips and clips, especially if the bangs are damaged - it is usually impossible to fix it.


If your hair looks very thin and thin, you can correct this impression by using cosmetic products that give the hair volume and thicken them.


Paint too "thin" hair, especially successful multi-color highlighting, which makes the hair more visually visually.


Unnecessary sharp carousle can be corrected with a careful filirovaniem, making the strands uneven.


If melioration is done too roughly, it is easy to fix, once again painting the strands in a darker tone.


In a pinch, you can do a build-uphair. This procedure is expensive, but not very complex and not fatal for the structure of the hair. The professionalism of the craftsman, quality materials and good care in the future are important here.

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