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How to mount a door frame


How to mount a door frame</a>

Quite often people are engaged in replacing doors in an apartment.

This case is quite complicated. We also have to change the door frame.

In this case, the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

Otherwise, the door will quickly become unusable.



To begin with, it is necessary to assemble the upper and lateralThe binding of the door frame. Only after this, is the installation of the box in the doorway. For this purpose, it is necessary to fold the three parts of the door frame onto the floor. Then install the door stop. Connect the straps with nails, which have a length of 75 millimeters and a circular cross-section. It is recommended to leave a small gap between the wall and the box. It will be possible to lay thermal insulation material. This gap also allows you to install the box in the opening so that its vertical and horizontal surfaces are aligned.


Similarly, you need to install the left and rightThe top harness. Between the two side straps nail the bar section of 50x25 millimeters. It should be located at the bottom of the box. Plank helps the parts of the box to remain parallel during the installation of the door.


Assemble the door frame in the opening. It should be placed exactly in the center. To check the verticality and perpendicularity of the elements, it is recommended to use a plumb, gon and level. If necessary, a seal can be installed. To ensure that the box can be easily and firmly secured, you need to place pieces of plywood in the places where it will touch the wall. After that, the verticality of the side elements is checked again. To fasten the box to the reinforcing bars, you can use 65 mm nails that do not have a hat. If the wall is stone, then you need to use 65 mm screws. Then you need to remove the nailed bar and check the horizontality of the upper strapping. If necessary, you can correct the situation.


To hang the door must be disconnectedFastened parts of the loops and install them on the prepared seats, which must be marked on the door. When installing the door into the door frame, it is necessary to lay under it linings. Then the parts of the hinges are installed. After that, you can already insert the axis into the position.

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