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How to fix the door frame

How to fix the door frame

Quite often people engage in the replacement of doors in the apartment.

The matter is rather complex. We have also changed the door frame.

In this case, the main strictly adhere to the instructions.

Otherwise, the door quickly will become worthless.



First, you need to assemble the top and sidestrapping of the door frame. Only after installing the box in a doorway. For this purpose it is necessary to lay down the three parts of the door frame on the floor. Then install the door stop. United strapping secure with nails that have a length of 75 mm and a circular cross section. It is recommended between the wall and a box to leave a small gap. It will be possible to put heat-insulating material. This clearance also allow you to set the box in the opening so that it were verified vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Similarly, you need to install the left andupper tubing. Between the two Side rail nail bar section 50h25 mm. It must be placed at the bottom of the box. Planck will help parts boxes remain parallel during installation of the door.


The assembled door frame in the opening set. It must be placed exactly in the center. To check the vertical and perpendicular to the elements recommended to use a plumb, square and level. If necessary, it is possible to install the seal. To the box can be easily and fix well, it is necessary in those places where it will touch the wall to enclose the pieces of plywood. Then again checked the verticality of the side members. Attach the box to the reinforcing joists can be using 65 mm nails that have no cap. If the stone wall, then you must use the 65 mm screws. Then you need to remove the lath nailed to check the top horizontal strapping. You can correct the situation if necessary.


To hang the door you need to disconnectBonded portions of the loops and set them in the appropriate place, which must be marked on the door. When you install the door in the door frame should be put under her pads. Next, the installation of parts of the hinges. After this paste can have the axle seat.

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