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How to fix ceiling panels


How to fix ceiling panels</a>

At present, ceiling panels are very popular.

With their help you can give the ceiling an unforgettable view.

In addition, the installation of such panels does not imply special skills and the use of expensive tools.



Installing the ceiling panels is necessary in such a way.So that the longitudinal seams are in the same direction as the light falling from the window. Installation of panels can be made and on old surfaces, for example, on a wood-shaving plate, gypsum cardboard or other building surfaces. Please note that the surface must be clean and even. Experts recommend to install the panels on the crate. If there is no way to make the crate, then you need to carefully prepare the ceiling for the finish. Before you begin, determine how your panels will be positioned relative to the longitudinal seams.


Ceiling panels fasten to the ceiling most oftenFinishing nails or staples. If you still decide to install on an old surface, then make sure that nails or staples on the base surface are strong enough. Remember that the length of nails and staples should be more than 14 millimeters.


At the moment there are two ways of fixingFinishing panels. They can be mounted diagonally or parallel to the crate. If the lath will be placed diagonally in relation to the panel, then the area of ​​fastening to the rail must necessarily have insurance. You can do it with two small studs. Make sure that the nails have not completely failed.


If there is a desire, then the ceiling panels you canTo paint in any color. For this purpose, use water-soluble paints, a wide brush and a roller. If you want to paint panels with fabric coverings, then you need to stock up in advance with the roller and water-adhesive mixture. This way you can prevent the panel from excessive absorption of paint. After all is well dried, you can apply water-soluble paint. Wall panels with a paper coating can also be dyed with water-soluble paint using a roller.

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