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How to fix the ceiling panels

How to fix the ceiling panels

Currently very popular ceiling panels.

With their help, you can make an unforgettable view of the ceiling.

In addition, the installation of such panels does not imply any special skills, and the use of expensive tools.



Install ceiling panels must be somanner that the longitudinal seams are in the same direction as the incident light from the window. Installing the panels can be produced on the surface of the old, for example, in chipboard, gypsum board or other building surface. Note the surface have to be clean and level. Experts recommend to mount the panel on a crate. If you can not make the crate, then you need to carefully prepare for the ceiling decoration. Before you start, decide how your panels will be located with respect to the longitudinal seams.


Ceiling panels are fixed to the ceiling more oftenfinishing nails or staples construction. If you do decide to install on the old surface, make sure there is enough will to hold fast to the nails or staples on the base surface. Remember that the length of nails and staples should be more than 14 millimeters.


Currently there are two ways of fasteningFinishing panels. They can be mounted diagonally or parallel to the battens. If the crate is located diagonally with respect to the panel, the area of ​​attachment to the rails have to have insurance. Make it possible with the help of two small studs. Make sure that the nails are not completely failed.


If you wish, the ceiling panels you canpainted in any color. For this purpose it is necessary to use water-soluble dyes, broad brush and roller. If you want to paint the panel with fabric covers, it needs to be reserved in advance roller and water-adhesive mixture. Thus, you can prevent the panel from excessive absorption of paint. After all well dry, water-soluble dye can be applied. Wall panels having a paper backing can also be a water-soluble dye with the help of paint roller.

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