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How to fix the platbands at right angles


How to fix the platbands at right angles</a>

Platbands are made of hard fibreboard, super hard fiberboard or plastic. Less common are platbands from rare and valuable species of wood.

But the most popular are the platbands made of pine trees.

You will need

  • - felt-tip pen-
  • - Roulette-
  • - Reymus-
  • - saw-
  • - a hammer-
  • - medium sized nails.



Start work on fixing the clypeus byIndent the clypeus from the inner border of the strapping. The amount of indentation depends on the type and size of your clypeus. The average value is 4 mm. No special calculation is needed to indent, follow your aesthetic considerations. To perform the markup, take the Reymus and set it to the width of the indentation, mark the indentation marker pen.


Take a saw and saw off the clypeus, leaving a small allowance, from the line markings. At the right angle, saw off the bottom ends of the sides.


Align sidewalls with the indentation line and tightlyPut them on the floor. Apply on the back of the clypeus the line of its intersection with the cross bar. Saw the clypeus, adding 3 mm above the level of the dash. Check how well it connects to the jumper. If the parts are not tightly joined, then cut the clypeus again, but slightly lower. Saw the clypee until the desired result is obtained.


Secure the clypeus along the line of indentation. To do this, drive half the two nails near the indentation line. Check the alignment of the horizontal jumper with the casing once more and nail it with a nail along the line of tying the door frame.


The wall face of the clypeus nail to the frameWall partition. In order to combine adjacent surfaces, drive one nail at an angle so that it passes through the edge of the horizontal jumper to the edge of the clypeus.

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