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How to fix a zipper on clothes

How to fix a zipper on clothes

Fix the clothes can be, and on their own, without resorting to the services of a shop or dressmakers.

How to cope with the Shrew zipper on the dress yourself?

You will need

  • - Simple karandash-
  • - Soapy solution or balm for sponge
  • - cotton buds-
  • - ploskogubtsy-
  • - Threads and igolka-
  • - Ring of klyuchey-
  • - kusachki-
  • - skrepka-
  • - the wire-
  • - Connector for your phone.



If the zipper is stuck in one position, and the thing for you, and you need to remove it, the easiest way to help: rub the teeth lightning rod of a pencil and try to unbutton.


If there is no effect, it is necessary to increase the slip. You can rub the zipper soapy water, lip balm or anything else. To do this, use a cotton swab. Rubbed? Now, a little zipper pull down, lubricate again, pull a little more down, grease, and so as long as the zipper will not give in to you completely.


If the teeth on your lightning miss,try to repeat the reception with soap and pencil described in the first step. If there is no result, it is likely that a slider does not work properly. Maybe in the lock jammed cloth or string or bent one of the teeth. Pull the fabric or thread and straighten teeth.


If all teeth are straight and in the fastener nothinghorrible, it is probably the case in the slider. Slider may shatter, and the "cure" is possible by holding it on both sides of the pliers so that it is clamped teeth again.


If runner clamping the problem is not solved, thetraveler should be replaced. Take the clippers and use them to remove the old slider and metal zipper stops. Then pull on the zipper slider and new pliers tighten stops.


If damaged teeth with a zipper at the very beginning, just sew it over the site of damage, if there is enough opportunity to undo it.


If the zipper on jeans diverges, then slide the slider in the ring, for example, from the keys. Now you can throw on a button, and a button to fasten.


If the runner has broken the tab, you can insert the ring of keys or clip. Another option: cable and connector for your phone.

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