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How to fix a zipper on clothes

How to fix a zipper on clothes</a>

You can repair your clothes yourself, without resorting to the services of tailors or tailors.

How to deal with obstructive lightning on clothes yourself?

You will need

  • - a simple pencil-
  • - soap solution or lip balm
  • - cotton buds-
  • - pliers-
  • - thread and needle-
  • - a ring from the keys-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - a paper clip-
  • - the wire-
  • - connector for the phone.



If the zipper is stuck in one position, and the thing is on you, and you need to remove it, then an easy way will help: rub the zippers with a pencil stick and try to undo it.


If there is no effect, then you need to increase the slip. You can rub the zipper with a soapy solution, lip balm or something else. To do this, use a cotton swab. Have you rubbed it? Now pull the lightning fastener down, relubricate, pull a little more downwards, lubricate, and so on until the lightning gives you definitively.


If the teeth on your zipper diverge, thenTry to repeat the reception with soap and pencil, described in the first step. If there is no result, then probably the slider does not work properly. Maybe the fabric or thread is stuck in the lock or one of the teeth is bent. Pull out the cloth or thread or straighten the tooth.


If all the teeth are straight and nothing is in the buckleHorrible, then, probably, it's a slider. The slider can loosen, and it can be "cured" by squeezing it on both sides with pliers so that it clamps the teeth again.


If the problem is not solved by pressing the slider, thenThe slider should be replaced. Take the wire cutters and with their help remove the old slider and metal stops with a zipper. Then put a new slider on the zipper and fasten the stoppers with pliers.


If the teeth on the zipper are damaged at the very beginning, then just sew it over the place of damage, if it is possible to unbutton it.


If the zipper on the jeans diverges, then thread a ring in the runner, say, from the keys. Now it can be thrown on a button, and buttoned up with a button.


If the tongue breaks on the slider, you can insert a key ring or a paper clip into it. Another option: a wire and a connector for the phone.

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