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How to fix a useful habit

How to fix a useful habit

Positive changes are difficult to maintain.

There is always the temptation to return to the starting point.

And a crucial role in this regard is played not a lack of willpower, and the environment, forming man.

However, any obstacle can be overcome.

If you really want to fix a useful habit, use the following rules.

Says. Whether you are able to somehow affect thethe people around you. The important thing is that talking about their positive plans for you to maintain and strengthen the positive changes his character, who can benefit tremendously. In addition, it will allow you to better understand and secure the essence of useful habits.

Meet. New people will create an atmospherepositive changes. For them, you will already be a different person, because they do not know you in the past. Thus, these people literally will make you better. For example, to meet you, you said that you're running for 3 kilometers every day. Most likely during the next meeting, they take an interest, how was your jogging today and further consolidate useful habit.

Take commitments. Fear of failure causes the set goalsvery vague and no one of them not to tell. After all, if you lose, it will be very embarrassing and uncomfortable. But in doing so, you give up in advance. These changes should not desire to be associated with fear. Look him straight in the face.

Refer to the five people who act onyou most and ask them to control the process to an end. Say what they may laugh at you if you decide to retreat. For those who are not confident will suit the following method. Go to your boss and said that they can fire you if you do not cope with the task.

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