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How to Repair a Rabbit Skin


How to Repair a Rabbit Skin</a>

If you are going to sew yourself a fur hat fromRabbit or are interested in selling rabbit skins, then you do not need to go to specialists or hunters. You can repair skins yourself, at home.

The procedure for preparing or dressing skins at home is not as difficult as it might seem.

Attach a little zeal, accuracy and patience, and everything will turn out.



Methods of dressing:One of the simplest, but at the same time, time-consuming ways to achieve the goal - tiebelenie. First, dry the skin and sprinkle it with milk. After that, pound the square centimeter with your hands, as if cleaning off the adhering dirt from the fabric. Simultaneously, remove and film.


There is another method - the chemical effect. Another pair of skin rub with salt, stretch it on the rules and dry it in the shade. Do not forget to shake off all the salt on the second day. In winter, it is best to freeze the salt skin, because it dries badly.


Another classic way of dressing is sap. Prepare a special solution for this. Prepare it in a glass container: in 1 liter of hot water, stir in 200 g of rye or oatmeal, add about 7 g of yeast, 20-30 g of table salt and 0.5 g of soda. Immerse the skins in the prepared and cooled solution for 2 days. Try to turn the skin more often, and kvass - stirring, so that the film does not form and there is no decay.


Stages: Generally, any dressing begins with soaking. The skin should float freely in the water, covered from above with a layer of liquid in 4-6 cm. Since the skin contains many bacteria, add antiseptics to the solution. For 1 liter of water - 1 tbsp. Table salt and 1 ml formalin.


The next stage is smearing. Put the skin on the deck and scratch with a blunt knife, removing the remains of meat, fat and film. Scrape from tail to head.


Now degrease the skin. To do this, grind it with sawdust sawdust or wash it in soapy water.


After the skin is ready, do not forget about that,And that it should be stored under optimal conditions - with low humidity, otherwise it will lose its marketable appearance and will be unsuitable for further use.

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