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How to fix the skin of a rabbit

If you're going to get yourself a fur hat fromrabbit, or are interested in selling rabbit skins, then you do not necessarily turn to specialists or hunters. Repair and skins can be yourself, at home.

initiative procedure or tanning of skins at home is not as difficult as it may seem.

With a little diligence, accuracy and patience, and all will turn out.



Methods of manufacturing:One of the simplest, but at the same time, labor-intensive methods to achieve the goal - tereblenie. First, dry skins and squirt her milk. Then rubbed on square centimeter hands, though stubborn dirt Is cleaned with a cloth. At the same time and remove the film.


There is another method - chemical effects. Another pair peel rub table salt, stretch on boards and dry in the shade. Do not forget for a second day to shake off all the salt skins. In winter, salt peel is best to freeze, because it dries bad.


Another classic way of dressing - pickling. Prepare for this special solution. It is prepared in a glass: 1 liter of hot water mix 200 g of oat flour or rye adding about 7 g of yeast, 20-30 grams of salt and 0.5 g of sodium hydroxide. Dip the sandpaper in cooked and cooled solution for 2 days. Try to turn the most skins and brew - stir so as not to form a film and did not happen rot.


Stages: Generally, any manufacture begins with otmokaniya. The skin should be free to swim in the water, closed top layer of liquid in the 4-6 cm. Since the skins contain a lot of bacteria, add antiseptic solution. On 1 liter of water - 1 tbsp salt and 1 ml of formalin.


The next stage - fleshing. Put skins on deck and scrape with a blunt knife, removing the remains of meat, fat and film. Scraped from the tail to the head.


Now degrease skins. To do this, rub it with sawdust hardwoods or wash in soapy water.


Once the skin is ready, do not forget,that it should be kept in optimum conditions - at a low humidity, otherwise it will lose its presentation, and will be unsuitable for further use.

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