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How to fix a pdf file

How to fix a pdf file

PDF files are increasingly used in the document.

To edit a PDF file on your computer, you need to install expensive software Adobe Acrobat.

However, there are other programs-editors, for PC and for Mac.



Open your browser and go to the program websiteVeryPDF PDF Editor. The program is paid, but the trial version allows you to use the program free for 30 days. Download and install it on your computer. After installation is complete, run the program. Click the Open button ( "Open") on the toolbar to open the PDF-File, you want to fix.


In order to leave a comment in the pdf-fileUse the commenting tools. These tools are: stamp ( «stamp»), textbox ( «text field»), note ( «memo») and draw ( «Drawing"). Click on the icon with two bubbles, and select an instrument ( "stamp" text box "," interesting "or" drawing ") to add your comments.


To change the contents of the pdf-fileclick on the button with a black arrow that is located next to the text box. Click the text box to add text. Right-click in any area of ​​the contents of the file you want to edit, and then click Properties (the "Properties").


In order to fix the pdf-file on the computerMac, open your browser and go to PDFpen program website. The program is paid, but there is also a free version, which differs from a fee watermark on all stored files. Download and install it on your computer. After installation, run the program. Displayed Open File dialog box ( "Open File"). Select the file to which you want to make changes.


Use section Tools icon ( "Tools")on the toolbar to fix pdf-file. It is possible to edit the text, and add a new one, as well as leave notes, draw objects and move the blocks.


Click File ( «File") menu and then Save ( «Save"), if you want to save changes to a file. Or select Save As ( «Save as") to save the entire contents into a new pdf file.

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