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How to fix a drum


How to fix a drum</a>

Drum - a musical instrument that is usually bought by small children for entertainment, is used in military parades or in special musical percussion installations.

But what should a musician do if the drum fails?



All the drummers complain about the sound of smallDrum, which most often requires fixing (adjustments, adjustments). About him and will be discussed. Remove the drum from the unit and place it on any soft surface. It can be a sofa, carpet, etc. Remember to fix the drum on a hard surface, as it can damage and scratch the device.


Begin the installation with the lower plastic: press the center of the plastic so that it "sits". After all, the plastic wrap should fit snugly to the edge of the drum. Tighten the bolts.


Try to hit the drum and listenSound. In the event that, after plastic shrinkage, the sound of the drum is lower, it is necessary to pull the plastic and reseat it. And after that do the following.


Turn all the opposite in turnThe bolts are half a turn. This must be done until the plastic is completely smoothed out. Tighten the bolts so that the stretched plastic begins to sound properly. It is important that the sound is made with plastic, which is tuned. For this, the second plastic must be damped by pressing it tightly against the surface on which it stands at the time of adjustment.


Tighten the bolts so that near all of the existing bolts the sound is the same, that is, the same tone (height).


Tap the plastic with the key while pulling up each bolt. Remember, if the bolt has a low sound, then the opposite will be higher and vice versa.


Adjust the shock side of the drum. This is done similarly to the resonant side. Check periodically your drum, respectively plastic and rim for aging and wear, since in this case the sound of the drum will also be distorted. Replacement should be made on time.

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