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How to fix a drum

How to fix the drum

Drum - a musical instrument, which usually buy small children for fun, use in military parades or special music drumset.

But what about the musician, if the drum is out of order?



All drummers complain about the sound of smalldrum, which is more likely to require repairs (setup, adjustment). On it will be discussed. Remove the drum with the installation and put it on any soft surface. This may be a sofa, rug, etc.. Remember to make repairs (adjustment) of the drum on a hard surface is not necessary, as this may damage and scratch the device.


Start the installation from the bottom of plastic: press the center of the plastic so that the "villages". After the plastic wrap must fit tightly against the edge of the drum. Tighten bolts hand.


Try to hit the drum and listensound. In the event that the drum sound after plastic shrinkage was lower, it is necessary to pull the plastic and seat it again. And then do the following.


Turn by turn all opposedbolts half a turn. This should be done until then, until the head is not completely razgladitsya.Zatyanite bolts so that the stretched plastic began to sound properly. It is important that the sound is published by plastic, which is customizable. To do this, the second plastic drown, pinning him tightly to the surface on which it stands at the time of setup.


Tighten the bolts so close to all of the available audio bolts was the same, that is, the same pitch (height).


Tap the plastic key while tightening each bolt. At the same time, remember, if the sound of the bolt is low, then the opposite, he will be higher and vice versa.


Set aside the impact of the drum. This is analogous to a resonant storone.Proveryayte periodically drum respectively and plastic rim for aging and wear, since in this case the sound of the drum is also distorted. Replacement should be done on time.

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