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How to fix a doorknob

Everyone at least once in his life faced with a situation where he broke down the door handle.

It is clear that to change the door for such a trifle is not necessary, it is much easier to fix the item.

To determine the cause of failure, it is necessary to remove the mechanism that locks the handle on the door, and stick to a simple instruction to eliminate breakage.



With the help of an ordinary screwdriver, unscrew the two screws that secure the device. It is not necessary to remove the internal mechanism of the lock if you are sure that it is working properly.


Using the correct size wrench, slowly loosen the handle of the rotary mechanism with a spring. Remove it and diagnose all internal parts.


To get to the torsion spring and keywaywashers, using a screwdriver, remove the retaining ring. Remove the top and bottom of the washer to examine the state of the torsion spring. Most often it was her failure - the cause looseness of the mechanism of the door handle. The torsion spring must be very tight, it is difficult to get out and sit tight in her groove. Therefore, the torsion spring breakage is determined quite easily. Convinced of the fault, replace it with a new: Fix this detail can not be.


If the keyed washer is broken, you do it rightYou notice, since it usually breaks down in the middle. The presence of cracks is also a malfunction. Washer must be exchanged for a new one. As for its price, it will cost you less than buying a new door handle.


By eliminating the damage by replacing partsmechanism, perform the assembly procedure in reverse order: Set the torsion spring into place, pushing harder on her fingers, followed by screw keyed washer, and top - a lock ring. Screw the swivel mechanism with a wrench and attach the handle to the renovated space. Check whether you have coped with the breakdown.


You can be proud of his own accomplishment, because now you do not have to buy a new mechanism for the door handle. If you broke the handle of a different design, this guide is not for you.

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