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How to fix a door lock

How to fix a door lock

Door locks are designed to protect home from unauthorized entry of criminals.

Nevertheless, even the locks can break down, and in this case, even you yourself can not get into your own home.

If you find that with a lock that something is wrong, you need as quickly as possible to take appropriate measures.

You will need

  • - Graphite poroshok-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - New door handles and lock-
  • - Keys.



Determine what problem happened to your castle. Remember when you bought it and what could be the cause of its failure.


Go to your local hardware store andbuy graphite powder. Generally, it is marketed in the form of a small tube with a pointed end. Cut off the tip and insert the tube into the keyhole. Turn the tip at an angle down and squeeze the back of the handset.


Put the key in the Castle and turn it several times. This will help spread the powder all over the keyhole. It smazhet CastleAnd he will be as good as new. See if the observed before the problem is solved. If not, proceed to the next step.


Check that the lock includes a latch correctlydoorjamb. The easiest way to check it out - pull the door toward you. Remove the metal plate on the door frame and place it in the desired position.


Use a screwdriver to pull the door handle. The screws should be clearly visible from the inside of the apartment. Take a look at the internal Castle. If it looks rusty, worn or scratched in any way, it's time to replace it. Go to the store and choose a new one. The kit should include a door handle, Castle, A metal plate with a recess and a key.


Install the new Castle in the same manner as was the previous set. If you decide to install Castle to a new location, then be sure to startmake a layout area on the door jamb and on its opening. Carefully cut a hole in the wooden fittings and attach with screws metal plate with a recess. Install Castle according to the instructions. Check out how it opens and closes with new keys. Make sure that you can safely go to the apartment and leave it, without worrying about any possible problems with the front door.

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