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How to fix a bicycle

How to repair a bike

Cyclists and to this day remains the most convenient and versatile means of transportation.

The only pity is that it sometimes breaks down. But do not despair and roll the machine to a repair shop.

Some problems can be resolved cycling alone at home.

You will need

  • Wrenches, a piece of rubber, glue, chalk, water capacity



The most common failure bicycle -puncture when hit by a sharp object. To resolve this problem will require a set of wrenches, a container of water, a piece of rubber, adhesives for bonding rubber.


Remove the damaged wheel, unscrewing the fixingnuts. Remove the rim from the tire to the camera, carefully hooking it over the edge of a wrench or a plastic plaque. Do not use sharp objects (eg screwdriver), as the camera can cause additional damage.


Look at the camera casing and the camera itself. If you find a sharp object, which became the cause of the fault, remove it.


Using a bicycle pump, inflate the chamber and immerse it in a container with water. Watch for bubbles, they indicate precisely where the puncture site.


Wipe dry with a cloth damaged area and mark it with chalk.


From a piece of rubber cut patch round or oval in shape and slightly larger in size than the intended puncture site. Treat the camera and patch degreasing composition (eg, gasoline).


Apply a thin and even layer of glue onbonding surfaces. Apply the patch to the camera and press. After the glue hardens, place clamp gluing clamp by placing two small wooden boards.


After complete drying of the adhesive free from the camera clip and re-inflate, to check how well turned out connection.


Fill the chamber into the tire and fit back into the wheel. Inflate the tire, set the chain and adjust the tension. A bike again ready to travel.

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