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Listen carefully to the advice of coach

Spring is just around the corner and eagerly knocking on the door. This means that it is time to prepare your body for beach season.

How? With the help of fitness.

In addition to the correction of the figure you will get a charge of vivacity and good mood.



First you need to choose a fitness club. It can be located close to home or work (most importantly, to get to it was not too far, otherwise the road will take a lot of energy). It is desirable that the club had the opportunity of individual and group training, were presented different areas of fitness.


Once the choice is made, consult with a trainer. You may need a few personal training to master the basic exercises and do them correctly.
The trainer will tell you about the gym, which is in the club, will teach how to use them.
Listen carefully to his advice because exercise made incorrectly, may harm you.


For training to be effective, you have to combinecardio and power loads. Cardio (treadmill, exercise bike, stepper) will help get rid of excess fat and Weight Training - train the muscles.


Do not hesitate to go for group training. They can be very interesting.
For beginners suit yoga, stretching and Pilates. These workouts are calm enough, so are suitable for people who have never played sports. The classes worked out the major muscle groups, the body becomes more flexible.

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