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FISHING spinning

Fishing on a spinning

If you are new to fishing lures, then,going fishing with spinning, do not do anything spur of the moment. The more time and effort you spend on training gear, the greater the chance of getting an enviable catch.

Previously should carefully choose a spinning rod for fishing, the right reel, fishing line and bait to procure.

Selecting spinning fishing

Spinning for fishing must be simultaneouslypowerful and reliable. For pike spinning test ranges from 10-30 grams, length does not exceed 2.4-2.7 meters. If you are going to catch from shore, choose a longer spinning - up to 3.3 meters. With a length of up to 3.3 meters spinning device makes it possible to cast the bait out of the bushes. On bass we must take a more easy spinning - 3-18 grams of the test. For fishing in the course of purchase heavier spinning rod for fishing, the bait is able to throw the weight of 20-40 grams (guided by the force of the flow).

Selecting spinning only limited financialFisherman opportunities - are available as low-cost spinning duralumin and carbon fiber rods. For example, the very popular spinning reliable American company Talon. Their testovka for catching on a current and ranges from 10 to 50 grams.

Spinning Reel

The coil should be selected specifically for alreadyselected spinning. First of all, remember: the tackle has to be balanced, so do not throw the first coil nice that you "navyalit" seller. Pick it the size of the rod.

Spool must be desirable to the metal, which facilitates the discharge of the fishing line. If you are using braided fishing line, the metal coil becomes imperative.

Monofilament fishing with spinning

Most experienced advise spinningsuse braided fishing line. It allows maximum control over the bait. Braided fishing line has an extremely low coefficient of expansion, so any toe touching the fish to the bait or snap instantly transmitted to the rod. "Braids" is much stronger compared to monofilament fishing line of the same diameter.

Do not forget to prepare for the fishing and of such "trifles", as a sharp hook and a strong swivel. From mandatory additional accessory required: zevnik, ekktor and landing net.

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