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Fishing for carp

Fishing for carp

As soon as the ice has come from the waters, you can fish for carp. This freshwater fish is very tricky, but you can catch it.

And if you know all the details, you will extract even very big carp bait to the usual.

Tackles for fishing for carp

Carp can be caught by different gear. Professional athletes use special rods, reels equipped with a strong fishing line, bite alarms, heavy weights, hooks and leashes. At the same bait, and this fragrant balls - boilies, the hair is pushed mount. That is not on the hook itself, and on the short loop next to it. This carp is productive, but not all of it is used. Traditional fishermen greater preference Donkey or a fishing rod with a float. Donka is a monofilament fishing line with a weight and hook attached to a short rod with a reel. You can never use a rod and reel fishing line on wooden stick stuck into the edge of the waterfront. To lure carp to the bait, tied at the end of the line feeders. They come in different designs, but the principle of one - filled with bait, which gradually eroded by water and attracts fish closer to the hook. Float rod - the most common and easiest method of carp. However, larger specimens, 5-10 kg, vyvazhivat to tackle this difficult, but possible. For this line was taken a strong, better network. Be sure to be the lead of a thin fishing line, because the carp - fish cautious and capricious. Hook needs of medium size, are guided, of the size of fish you plan to catch. Float take any way you like, but it is advisable to not very bright, if the fish in shallow water.

What caught carp

Karp almost omnivorous, it can catch on manureworm, bread, porridge, boiled potatoes, corn, peas, corn guy, pastry and so on. Businesses caught on boilies. These are balls with different flavor and different color. They may be floating or sinking. Boilies are attached on the line next to the hook when the carp swallows it, he zamozasekaetsya, ie the hook pierces the upper or lower lip without undercuts. Fires bite alarm and you just have to pull the fish to the shore. Be sure to carp fishing need to lure the fish. If you catch on boilies, bait put in a handful of boilies. Baits are sold finished, they should only be diluted with water, blind and throw balls into the pond. Always dilute bait water only from a lake or river where the fish. Also, you can prepare the bait itself. To do this, there are many recipes, experiment, because the carp from a pond can attract a mixture of bran with an oil cake, and fish from the pond the other guy will love the grain and flavor of mint or vanilla.

When and how to catch carp

Carp caught from spring begins, then he pecks inthroughout the summer. Autumn biting decreases and stops for the winter. In it, too, does not take the spring spawning season, but after it begins at zhor fish. Normally, carp afternoon rest, and in the evening to feed on leaves. And he goes on his flocks "paths", and if they find a place, you can go home with a decent catch. Good carp takes the bait at night. For such fishing on the float dress special fireflies - tube with phosphorus. The place was chosen and prikormleny, tackle collected. It remains only to throw bait in the water and wait for a bite. Finally, the float lurched and began to sink into the water. The fish need to quickly hook in sharp jerk of the rod. Pull to the beach it is impossible at once, the carp are very strong and will break once the line or break the bait. Give him swim a few laps, without weakening the line. Fish quickly get tired and it can safely drag to the beach and take in the landing net. Vyvazhivat fish is very convenient with the help of the coil on the fishing rod. If the fish will pull from the coast, you can give her a few meters of line so as not to break. To do this, adjust the coil so that the fishing line with a strong tension unwinds itself. Donkey catch otherwise. Stuffed bird feeder food, skewer the bait on the hook, there can be several with hooks. Then throw a tackle in a place where there prikormleny advance fish bait fixed on the shore, attach a bell or alarm, and wait for a bite. Vyvazhivayut the same way as described above.

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