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HOW to fish in the river with a swift current

How to fish in the river with a swift current

For fishing in the river with a rapid current will need a heavy sinker or jig.

At catching vprovodku also has its own characteristics, in particular, when tightening the float into the water to do a smooth notch.

Fishing in the river with a swift current associated withcertain features. Here regular rod and bread as bait will not do, you need to know the course and the behavior of fish in these conditions and use them to their advantage.

Features used float

; First, you need to find a place with the greatestpossible depth and weaker flow. Fishing poles can be used the same as for conventional fishing, but the float will have to improve. To do this, it applies a heavy load, so that it can stay on the bottom, but still it is necessary to make a hole to facilitate its movement on the fishing line. After the entire structure necessary to stall any special assembly or a simple rubber tube, if it is the paste, the walk will be tight. Then left 5 cm line and the hook is suspended.
; Fishing should try to do the depth offloat more, cast a line, pull the line a little slack and put the emphasis on design. The principle is the same: as soon as the fish bites, the float twitched.

catching vprovodku

; This fishing is used in places out of thedeep pits, between reeds and grasses and supports any structures. At the bait can be a joker, river snails, worms, steamed corn bread and peas. To lure fish in strong currents, you need to lower the bait to the bottom in fine meshed bag, pre-rolled to a heavy object. It is necessary to take into account the size of the nozzle shutter, ie the distance from the hook to the attachment to the float. A strong current of the water should be no more? the height of the float.
; Nozzle necessarily somewhat ahead ofcargo and be no more than 5-6 cm from the bottom. The load is tied to the forest on a separate leash whose length is 10 cm. Its fill up in front of an abandoned bait. Omitting the float in the water, you need to keep the rod vertically, and with the distance of the float slowly tilt it to the water. When the float will tighten under the water, you need to brush your hands smooth notch, because it is "in the hood" fish very often takes the nozzle. As the nozzle can be used maggot, caddis, mayfly larvae, steamed oats, wheat or peas.
; Hook size should correspond to the valuepacking, in addition it should be sharp and protrude slightly therefrom. When a strong current, and anglers use fishing jig, but it needs to arm a few fishing rods, equipped for different fishing conditions and very easy bait. On a large white slave jig hardly take, except that bream and chub. On the moth, worm or fry catch perch, zander, perch, leading an active game.

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