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Tick ​​bite

Unnoticed by the tick on a dog's body can cause serious consequences. These insects are very dangerous and are carriers of diseases that can kill the pet.

The best option of protection - check the dog's coat after each walk, especially in the parks, groves and forests.

What to do with mites

how to remove a tick from a dog
During the inspection, carefully check wooldogs. Pay special attention to the ears. Very often, ticks climb in them. If you notice a small build-up of dark color, it is quite likely that this mite. If in doubt, check the foreign object with a magnifying glass.
how to get a dog subcutaneous mite
Please note that there are certainrules for removing ticks. Otherwise, if the head of the insect remain in the wound, the contamination can occur. Mite should be removed very carefully. Take any pair of tweezers and fix it between the body of the tick and the dog's skin. In no case do not try to pull and pull the insect. Removing it must be rotational movements. After the procedure, fill the wound with iodine or brilliant green.
ticks on the dog's stomach Photo
A more complex, but also the most effective waytick removal is a method of exposing it to additional resources. Before starting the process of extracting insect drip on him a small amount of gasoline or petroleum jelly. In the extreme case suitable and sunflower oil. A few seconds tick significantly weaken its grip. That's when you need to quickly unscrew it from the dog's skin. The rotational movement is recommended to carry out counter-clockwise.
how to remove a tick from a cat
If not occur after removing the tick from the dogno change, then show it to a specialist is not necessary. If you have any abnormalities, such as refusal of food or drowsiness, it is necessary as a pet, you can take the survey more quickly.
why it hurt all the muscles

If the tick remained unnoticed

In case you notice too latetick and the dog there were first signs of infestation, the pet is urgently necessary to show the vet. There are many examples of death. The first signs that the dog is infected, are lack of appetite, fever, flaccid state. At later stages there vertigo, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, nausea and vomiting.
Unfortunately, to determine the disease, the degree of development and the necessary treatment at home is not possible. Only a veterinarian can prescribe a course of treatment is really effective.

Preventing ticks

The most effective means of preventiontick bites are regular check-ups after the dog walking and the use of special drugs. Please note that most "favorite" for these insects are the areas behind the ears sometimes, do the ears, eyelids and the area around the nose.
Almost any pet store available for salespecial ointments, sprays and collars which contain substances tick repellents. Such drugs are best used on a regular basis, especially in spring and autumn periods.

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