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FIRE wall panels: pros and cons

Fire-resistant wall panels: pros and cons

In recent years, a host of finishingmaterials to avoid such a lengthy and labor-intensive type of work, as the alignment of the walls. Decorative fire-resistant plastic panels can save time and money by solving the problem of interior decoration.

Most often, they are used duringfinishing work in the buildings and premises of the business, social and public buildings, but there is no reason to abandon their use in apartments and private homes.

What is fire resistant panels and where they are used

These panels are made of polyvinyl chloride,having the ability to self-extinguishing. Typically, this patterned slats having a width of 10 to 30 cm and a thickness of about 1 cm of their length may vary -.. From 2.5 to 6 m panels surface may be glossy, matte or textured, organic dyes deposited on it either picture printing method. This figure is not afraid of water, and the panel can be washed frequently, however, is particularly aggressive chemical cleaning agents is not recommended.

Fire-resistant wall panel not onlycost-effective, but also environmentally friendly material that can be used for walls in the premises for any purpose. Wall covering made of these panels, has high strength and decorative qualities, allowing to implement any design decisions, giving the interiors not only original, but also for tourists - in appearance, they can simulate the traditional design in natural materials.

They have a fire-retardant,safe and easy to clean, so they have been used in medical and child care centers, shopping malls, stores, warehouses, offices, a variety of non-residential and residential areas. But there is still prejudice against the synthetic surfacing material, plastic is not considered to be environmentally friendly and in the homes of its application is limited to toilet and bathroom.

Increased durability and strength indicators allow fire-resistant panels for a long time to maintain their properties and appearance.

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Advantages and disadvantages of fire-resistant wall panels

PVC, which is made from fire-resistantpanel, is used to make many things that you use every day. This material is made linoleum, water pipes and even plastic bottles are used as containers for beverages, and this is evidence of its environmental safety.

With plastic panels wall can easily hide utilities, while leaving the possibility of quick and easy access to them.

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This non-combustible cladding material is not afraidmoisture and is not exposed to the ravages of putrefying bacteria, it will not start any fungus or mold. Wall and ceiling panels are installed quickly and easily, and it does not need to align the walls and ceiling. And, most importantly, they are absolutely safe against fire, as have the ability to self-extinguishing, fire-resistant, even at high temperatures only slowly smolder, not burn. Incidentally, the low temperatures are also not afraid, so they can be installed in unheated rooms, including balconies, verandas, gazebos.

The disadvantage is only a possibilitydeformation under prolonged exposure to high-power heat source. Therefore, to install the heaters close to the walls, decorated with such panels is not recommended.

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