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Fir at the dacha: landscape design against superstition


Spruce in the country: landscape design against superstition</a>

Planting or not planting a spruce in the suburban area - that's the question.

Superstitious people do not recommend, but landscape designers vying with each other advise not to be afraid of any signs, because the conifers are able to add a plot of color.

Why can not you plant a spruce?

Spruce is a female tree and, according toSuperstitions, it is able to "survive" men's houses. Our ancestors did not plant a fir near the house because of fears that nothing will be born. However, according to this logic, birch too should not be planted, since it is also a female tree. But there are no superstitions about this. Meanwhile, the same ancestors laid spruce branches under the corners of the dwelling at its erection in order to protect the house from getting lightning during a thunderstorm.

According to other superstitions, it is under the spruce of hidingDamn during a thunderstorm. Therefore, this tree is considered to be the habitat of the woodcutter and the evicted brownie. However, in Orthodoxy, spruce is a respected tree, because it saved Christ from plague, for which he was honored to become evergreen.

Fir and Feng Shui

According to this Eastern teaching, the mostBlossoming and fruit bearing shrubs and trees are considered useful. They draw to themselves the energy of life in the form of bees and birds, eventually becoming quite powerful radiators of joy and spiritual growth. If you eat Feng shui, you can pull off good energy to yourself. The worst option is a single spruce right in front of the house. In this case, the tree will, as it were, dissect the surrounding space with poor energy. If you do not represent your site without evergreen trees, choose pine, not spruce. Feng Shui to pine is more supportive.

The opinion of landscape designers

Skeptical designers believe thatFrom spruce in the suburban area there is only one danger - a tree can fall from strong winds, since it has a superficial root system. However, such a problem can be minimized by planting stunted varieties of conifers. Spruce will thin the useful phytoncides around the site and on its background the flowers will look even brighter - these are not all the arguments in favor of propiska ate at the dacha. Plant a tree on your site or do not plant - now the decision is yours!

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