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FIR in the country: landscape design against superstition

Spruce in the country: landscape design against superstition

To plant or not to plant fir tree near her house - that is the question.

Superstitious people do not recommend, but the landscape designers vied advised to not be afraid to take any, because conifers are able to add section coloring.

Why not plant spruce?

Spruce tree is female and, according tosuperstition, it is able to "survive" the men of the house. Our ancestors did not spruce planted near the house for fear that nothing will be born. However, by this logic, and the birch, too, should not be planted because it is also a feminine tree. But no superstition about this no. Meanwhile, the same ancestors laid the branches of fir under the corners of the home during its construction to protect the house from lightning during a thunderstorm.

In other superstitions, it was hidden under a sprucefeatures during a lightning storm. Therefore, this tree is considered a habitat devil and evicted houses. However, in the Orthodox Church is the spruce tree sufficiently respected, because it is Christ saved from the plague, for which he was awarded the honor of being evergreen.

Spruce and Feng Shui

According to the eastern teaching, mostconsidered useful flowering and fruit-bearing trees and bushes. They attract the energy of life in the form of bees and birds, eventually becoming quite powerful emitters of joy and spiritual growth. Ate Feng Shui can delay the good energy to yourself. The most worst-case scenario - a single fir tree directly in front of the house. In this case, the tree will be cut as if all the bad energy surrounding space. If you do not submit your site without evergreen trees, stop the choice on a pine tree, and not eating. Feng Shui is more favorable to the pine tree.

Opinion landscape designers

Skeptical designers believe thatfrom eating at their summer cottage, there is only one danger - the tree can be filled up by strong winds, because it has a surface root system. However, such a problem can be minimized by planting low-growing varieties of conifers. Spruce is thinner useful volatile throughout the site, and on its background colors will look even brighter - these are not all the arguments in favor of the registration ate at the cottage. Planting tree on his land or not to plant - now the only solution for you!

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