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FINLAND Children attractions in Helsinki

Amusement Park Linnanmäki

In Finland you can safely go on vacation with their children.

There will always be fun to taste, from which the kids will love.

Lots of interesting places where you can spend time with the child, is concentrated in Helsinki.

Toy Museum

All children, regardless of age, come indelight of toys, especially if they are all in one place. Doll and Toy Museum gathered under its roof a huge collection of some of their toys date from the beginning of the XIX century. Each doll has its own history, from which you can learn how this or that exhibit came to the museum, where he was brought. By itself, the museum - a complex of buildings spread over the villa. Go back to your childhood and parents will be pleased, therefore, enjoy an excursion to everyone.

Sea Sea Life Centre

Sea Life - it is the largest marine centerHelsinki. Where you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the deep sea. The number of inhabitants and their types is incalculable, and children will be able to see sea stars, and giant sharks. The volume of the basin is about 250 cubic meters - a huge underwater world with a tunnel that gives the occupants a chance to see very close. This spectacle is fascinating and a little frightening. Delighted to be all!

Amusement Park Linnanmäki

Contemplative and sightseeing tours mustcombined with active entertainment that await children and their parents in a special Helsinki park. Linnanmäki - it's an incredible amount of rides, cafes, shops, restaurants. We can say that this kind of city, specially designed for children. In this park, you can spend the whole day, but even at this time do not get to visit all the attractions - so many of them!

Natural History Museum

This Helsinki museum exhibits are not calculatedhundreds or even thousands - their number is closer to 9 million. The remains of ancient animals, including dinosaur skeletons, exposure, allowing to learn about the nature of Finland. To tour was the most helpful, provided audio guides, you can get detailed information about the most interesting exhibits.

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