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How the Stanley Cup finals ended


How the Stanley Cup finals ended</a>

The Stanley Cup Final is a series of draws in the National Hockey League season, after which the winner of the trophy is determined.

Against each other two teams competed: "New Jersey Devils" and "Los Angeles Kings".

In the first game in the Stanley Cup playoffs,Which took place in Newark, the Los Angeles Kings defeated their rivals 1: 2. At the very beginning of the meeting, in the first period, Colin Fraser accurately sent the puck into the gate of the team, "New Jersey". In the second period, Anton Volchenkov equalized the score. The third period was unchanged, but in overtime, "Los Angeles" came forward.

The second game also ended in favor ofThe Los Angeles Kings. With the same score 1: 2 players, "New Jersey" surrendered their gates. The first washer went to the gates of Devils from defender of the opposing team Drew Doughty. At the beginning of the third period, "New Jersey" recouped. The final score was set in overtime in favor of "Los Angeles" Jeff Carter.

The third game of the Stanley Cup finals was held already in Los Angeles. The same team defeated the opponents with a score of 4: 0, than increased their lead on points in the series: 3: 0 in favor of "Los Angeles Kings".

Only in the fourth match, "New Jersey" manages toStart to recoup. On June 6, the team snatched one point in the series by defeating Los Angeles 1: 3. It is interesting that all washers were abandoned in the third period. Distinguished Patrick Eliash, Ilya Kovalchuk and Henrik. Drew Doughty tried to compare the score, scoring the opponent's goal with the only puck.

The next game, "New Jersey" confirmed itsIntention to fight for the Stanley Cup. "Los Angeles" was again defeated, this time with a score of 2: 1. The game was held in Newark and was the first guest defeat of the "Los Angeles Kings".

The decisive, final game in the playoff seriesThe finals of the Stanley Cup was held June 11, 2012 in Los Angeles. Angry with previous defeats, the Los Angeles Kings met rivals with two goals from Jeff Carter and two from Trevor Lewis. Adam Henrik of the New Jersey Devils was not going to give up and marked the opponent's goal with the goal. But this only further exasperated the "Los Angeles": Dustin Brown and Matthew Green set the final score 6: 1. The Stanley Cup finals ended with the victory of "Los Angeles" with a score of 4: 2.

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