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How to find your style

How to find your style

Most women do not care what they look like. Some of them have an innate taste, so easy to choose clothing that emphasizes their dignity.

Another is to find his own style, it is worth some effort.



Determine to what you tsvetotipu appearanceattitude. They are named after the seasons and can be warm (Spring and Autumn) and cold (summer and winter). The easiest way - bring your clothes to face alternately warm and cool colors and see what colors give your face a healthy look. Depending on tsvetotipa, Pick basic colors of the clothes, accessories and makeup shades, bearing in mind that warmth and coldness affects not only the color but also its intensity.


Pick clothes style, depending on yourtype figure. So, for example, if you have wide hips, your dresses and skirts should be of medium length, with slightly tapered or flared silhouette, while the owners of narrow hips should be preferred slacks, skirts with pleats or yoke. Or, for example, if you want to adjust your tall - lengthen the top and accents, place the bottom (it may be a belt, rim or bracelet), and low growth emphasis needed to shift up (this can help bulk earrings, brooch or scarf).


Then think about the what style clothing as well as possible reflects your personality, style life and inner world. For example, it may be romantic style, Unisex, sports or classic style. However, this need not necessarily be one style, As well as a combination of several possible directions (it is desirable that they were not more than three). that style He stressed your personality you need to match and your image.


Purchase a few basic things thatwill best meet the chosen style, as well as in harmony with each other and combined with the clothes that you already have. Based on new things, is to pick up and related accessories. To alleviate this problem yourself, try as fashion magazines can often flipping, since many of them have photos of celebrities with the assessment of their clothes - that can be considered stylenym, and that is a sign of bad taste. You can also try to learn how to correctly combine clothes and accessories to select them for stars that are considered icons of style.

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