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How to get to Konakovo

How to find the way

How to find your way

Although most children are lost in an unfamiliar area, adults can also be deprived of guidance in the field or in the woods.

In order not to walk in circles, pay attention to the signs and characteristics of the area in which you are.



If you're in an unfamiliar area,tell your loved ones exactly where. In case of difficulty, they will find you. Assign the return period to the beginning of the quest is not irreparably delayed until later times.


In the forest, trees and carefully considersoil, finding features. In it you will be able to find their way, going back. If nothing remarkable is not it, leave nicks: break some branches, tied colorful pieces of fabric. According to him your route can identify those who are looking for you.


The path is divided into several stages, at the end of each should be a certain reference point: an abandoned well, a big ant hill, meadow with cornflowers or more.


Be guided by the sun and watch. Determine the direction of the light in question. Note that without the alignment step the left foot, is likely to be wider than the pitch right, so you begin to quietly do circles.


At night, guided by the stars. Define the compass and the direction of the path, leave the same mark on the branches.


Listen. If there are a railway or highway, transport necessarily make noise.


If the telephone can call in case of emergency rescue service in the know.

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