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How to find the way


How to find the way</a>

Although more often in an unfamiliar area children are lost, adults can also lose landmarks in the field or in the forest.

In order not to walk in circles, pay attention to the signs and features of the area in which you are.



If you are going to an unfamiliar area,Tell your relatives where. In case of difficulties, it will be easier for them to find you. Assign a period of return so that the search can not begin until the irreparably late time.


In the forest, consider carefully the trees andSoil, finding features. On them you can navigate, walking back. If you do not find anything remarkable, leave the notches: break certain branches, tie bright pieces of fabric. On them your route will be able to identify those who are looking for you.


The path is divided into several stages, at the end of each there should be a certain landmark: an abandoned well, a large anthill, a meadow with cornflowers or another.


Focus on the sun and the clock. Determine the side of the world you are going to. Note that without orienting the step of the left foot is likely to be wider than the right one, so you will start making circles discreetly.


At night, be guided by the stars. Determine the directions and directions of the path, leave the same marks on the branches.


Listen carefully. If there is an iron or road nearby, the transportation will necessarily make a noise.


If the telephone connection is possible, call emergency services to the rescue service and relatives.

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