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How to find yourself and make money


How to find yourself and make money</a>

The problem of finding work and earning money does not only arise during the crisis. Life does not stand still, and in order to get well, not only knowledge is needed, experience is also very important.

But how to find a place where you really want to work, where you learn more and more every day?

Sometimes it is more difficult to find yourself and "your place" than to find yourself some work during the crisis.



Well, if you're worried about finding your path inYouth. As they say, all roads are open to the young. In addition, the young people have more time: while they have not yet acquired a family that needs to be fed, dressed and trained, they have hours free of their own study and work. This watch needs to be spent for the benefit of the coming years.
Start with education. "Find yourself" often begins with the institution you are applying to. Be careful, do not associate your life with programming, if you always like to take care of plants. True, your choice is not a decisive factor. After all, after studying for a year or two, you can change, revise your attitude to the chosen path and change this path. Do not be afraid of change! If you understand that this is not yours, better leave. Stupidly following the beaten track, which you do not want to turn off, can spoil your professional life, if not life in general.


Never forget to look around andListen to the world around you. Expand the circle of acquaintances if it is not large. Friends and friends - this is someone else's mistakes, someone else's experience, advice. They say that a fool learns from his mistakes, but a clever one learns from others. You still have time to make your mistakes, but the experience of your friends will not allow failures to exceed in quantitative terms the successes.
In addition, friends can "lead" for a companyYou in such places (for part time, for courses, for seminars) that will further expand your horizons and help you find yourself. You can never get to these places yourself.


If you have already succeeded in something, then do not forget aboutSelf-education. The fact that you graduated from high school a long time ago and since had time to get a job and a stable income does not mean that you will never want to change something in your life. Most likely, such a desire has already appeared, if you read this article.
People who have had a chance do notLess than the young. You may need more courage, willpower. If you are not comfortable with your job, do not be afraid to find another one. Do not be afraid of creative professions, which previously seemed to you not bringing a special income. First, take it as a hobby, and if you see that you are doing well, that you like it, that other people appreciate your creative impulses, then little by little translate the hobby into the category of the main activity.


Learn about additional education opportunities: Courses, trainings and so on. The key word for you now is to "find yourself." "Earn money" - this is already coming. It is impossible to proceed from what profession is more profitable. Even at the "warmest" place, you will not earn millions, if this thing disgusts you or even simply does not cause interest.

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