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How to Find the Start button in Windows 8

How to find the Start button

The Windows 8 system is not only pleased with the speed of work, but also puzzled PC users lack the classic "Start" button.

Since the system is designed not only for PCs and laptops, but also for tablets, the location of the button has changed.



To find the "Start" button in Windows 8, move your mouse to the top right or bottom corner of the monitor - will be hidden panel on which are located some of the functions.


Select "Options", click the left mouse button. At the bottom you'll see a familiar menu button "Start" in a modified format.


Click on the "Shutdown" and selectnecessary function "Sleep", "Shutdown" or "Restart". Before pressing, make sure that you close all programs that were used, otherwise they may be damaged, and the documents are not saved.


Focusing on the numerous complaints, the operating system, developers are planning to return to the standard "Start" button in Windows 8, but when it happens - is not known.

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