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How to find the root of the equation

How to find the root of the equation

Equation equation of the form called f (x, y, ...) = g (x, y, ..), where the functions f and g of one or more variables.

Find the root of the equation - it means to find a set of arguments in which this equality is satisfied.

You will need

  • Knowledge of mathematical analysis.



Let's say you have an equation of the form: x + 2 = x / 5. To start fast forward all the components of this equation from the right side to the left, changing the sign of the component to the other. On the right side of this equation will be zero, that is, we get the following: x + 2-x / 5 = 0.


We give these terms. We get the following: 4/5 + 2 = 0.


Then from the resulting the given equationfind the unknown term, in this case, it's. The resulting value of the unknown variable, and will be the solution of the original equation. In this case, we obtain the following: x = -2,5.

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