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How to find the right angle

How to find the right angle

There are several definitions of geometricalright angle - right angle? is the angle or semi-angle which is adjacent uglu- right angle is an angle which is 90 degree- right angle to calculate needed and a measurement uglov- b- angle of 90 degrees, the whole constituting a quarter and a half of the angle is called a right angle unfolded.



These terms and definitions indicate thatwithout exception, right angles are equal and the angle of any two can be compared. A comparison of the two angles itself to right angle introduces the concept - an acute and obtuse angle.


In order to find the right angle, it is necessary to introduce a degree measurement angle with a protractor, when it is 90 degrees, therefore, this corner is straight.


A number of geometric shapes having one or moreangles. These figures are right-angled triangle (one has a right angle), a parallelogram (all the corners of his direct), a square is a rhombus, in which all the angles are right angles and rectangular trapezoid with one right angle.


Construct a right angle on their own without geometric tools you can use a plumb line (any thread with the load), the level of horizontal and vertical glass surface detail.

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