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How to find the right angle


How to find the right angle</a>

There are several geometric definitionsRight angle: - right angle? This is an adjacent angle or angle that is equal to the adjacent angle-the right angle is the angle that is equal to 90 degrees. To calculate the right angle, measurements of the angles are necessary-a and b is an angle equal to 90 degrees, making a quarter of an integer angle and half of the unfolded angle is called a right angle.



These concepts and definitions indicate thatAll without exception, right angles are equal and any two angles can be comparable. And the very comparison of two angles with a right angle introduces the notion of an acute and obtuse angle.


In order to find a right angle, it is necessary to enter a measurement of the degree of the angle with the protractor, if it is 90 degrees, then this angle is straight.


A number of geometric figures have one or moreRight angles. To such figures belong a rectangular triangle (it has one right angle), a parallelogram (all its angles are straight), the square is a diamond, in which all the angles are straight, and also a rectangular trapezoid with one right angle.


You can build a right angle yourself without geometric tools using a plumb (any thread with a load), a level for a horizontal and a glass part for a vertical surface.

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