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How to find the perimeter of a rectangle

All of us at some time in the school begin to study the perimeterrectangle. ? So let us remember how to calculate it, and in general what is the perimeter of the word "perimeter" is derived from two Greek words:? Peri ?, which means "around", "about" and "metron", which means "measure", "measuring ".

Those. perimeter in Greek means "measurement around."



His first definition may sound like this: perimeter of a rectangle - is the sum of the lengths of all its sides. To find the perimeter of the need to lay down all its sides. Perimeter denoted Latin letter P. The sides of the rectangle denoted by a, b, c and d.

Those. P = a + b + c + d


The second definition will be: the perimeter of the rectangle - this is twice the sum of its length and width.

The length is a longer pair of its sides(Denoted by the letter a), and the width - the shorter pair of its sides (denoted by the letter b). Opposing sides of the rectangle are equal. Those. perimeter can be calculated as follows: P = (a + b) * 2 or P = a * 2 + b * 2

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