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How to find the missing

How to find the missing

There are terrible situations in life, when loved ones go missing.

Where and how to look for them, who to contact in such cases?



The first thing you need to apply to the districtpolice Department. Statement of loss you will take three days of absence the person if he is over 18 years. If you lost a child - look for it should start immediately.


The police will ask you to bring a photo andcalled special signs missing. Further, the orientation will be sent to all regional offices. Flyers hung on the information boards. Maybe someone will see the lost, and will contact you on these phones.

How to find the missing


Further, no matter how difficult it was to do, you need todo canvassing morgues and hospitals. Perhaps the person became ill health, he lost his memory, fell under the wheels of the car. In this case, in the hospital you will be informed whether they have is such a patient.


If the missing was not in possession of the documents,you have to ride the line-up. Connect to this as many friends and relatives, so you will embrace all the necessary medical facilities.


If the search does not yield results, do not despair. Take advantage of special Internet - resources, which are now quite enough. Type in a search engine "tracing service people" and all the information will be in front of you. Place a request for assistance in the greatest possible number of sites on search. Groups of volunteers, taking information from these resources quite successfully searching for the missing.


Refer to the media. Very often newspapers print announcements about missing people free. Fill in the online program "Wait for me." The creators of the program have helped numerous people to rediscover each other.


The main thing is not to lose hope. Try to pull yourself together, you still need the strength for further searches. Try not to lose heart, how hard it was not. Believe that a person close to you be sure to come back!

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