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How to find the mailbox a friend

How to find the mailbox a friend

To communicate with someone who is far away, you can use e-mail.

To find other e-mail box, do not necessarily call up to him, enough to search on the Internet.



Find and add to your list of your contactsother through social networks. At present, a fairly large number of people are using those resources for communication. After a short registration simply enter the name and the person's name into the search box and enter city, age and other parameters known to you to get more accurate results. If the page you require a person open to view the guests, pay attention to personal details and drain «E-mail». In the absence of the possibility of familiarization with the page, add the person to your friends list. You can attach a personal message and ask him e-mail directly. Also remember that send any information not required to use e-mail, it can be done in the very social network, if necessary.


Write to friends or family person,who actively comment on his page or in the list of close friends. Also note the probable colleagues, which is known for certain work or home email address human.


Find out if you have someone who you need, profilein different messengers - Skype, ICQ, and others. Try adding it through one of these programs, which pay attention to the personal information. Note The e-mail is a prerequisite for registration in them.


Look for e-mail through a personInternet search engines, using the already known algorithm. The more related words you provide, the easier it will be to find the desired results. Pay special attention to the advert sites, dating, jobs, and others where you desired the person could leave their contact details.


Pay attention to your mail services. Some resources have a built-in search of destinations and an internal social network, for example, "My World" system, where all the users have the address for writing messages.

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