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How to find phone location

How to find phone location

Determine the location of the mobile phone,and at the same time its owner, is not difficult. The fact is that is not the first day of the largest network operators ( "MTS", "Beeline", "Megaphone") provides its subscribers a special service.

It was with her at any time, have the opportunity to find a person.



Company Customers & nbsp- «MTS» connection locator(The name is a service to find) is always available thanks to round the clock working phone number 6677. In order to establish the whereabouts of the mobile device, you must be on the phone keypad to dial the number of the caller, and you want to find, and then send it to the specified short number. Everything is simple. By the way, and connecting the locator, and its use is free for all clients on the network.


However, as already mentioned, the operatorCommunications & nbsp- «MTS" is not the only one who offers a similar service to its subscribers. Latitude can take advantage of the company and the customers & nbsp- «Beeline». To do this, you will send a message to 684. The support number in the text you want to specify only one letter L (Latin only). Sending each request will cost subscribers & nbsp- «Beeline» in two rubles and five cents.


If you are a customerCompany & nbsp- «megaphone" that identify the location of the mobile device can be using two different methods. One of them involves the use of a special service, which is available only on certain tariff plans set by the operator. To the list of tariffs can be attributed & nbsp- «Ring-Ding" and & nbsp- «Smeshariki" (the full list is available on the official website & nbsp- «MegaFon»). Only parents and children can join them. By the way, the name of the tariffs at any time can change, in principle, as well as the terms of service. So sometimes visited operator's web page to get a new and relevant information.


Another service that the operator no longer needsthe use of any particular tariff plan, the subscriber will be able to connect locator in all conditions. As soon as you need to get access to the service, please visit its official page. It is located at & nbsp-locator.megafon.ru. There you will find an application, which must be completed and sent to the operator. After processing and acceptance of the application to your number will come SMS-message with the coordinates of a mobile phone location.

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