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How to find the location of the subscriber Megaphone

Find the location of MegaFon subscribers can use the special services of the operator

When you need to find the location of MegaFon subscribers can use one of the special services of the mobile operator.

You can search for the right person with the help of a very effective option "Navigator".



Activate "Navigator" to findMegafon subscriber's location by phone number. With it you can search for users, not only within the network, but also those who use the services of other operators. Select one of the available connection methods: via SMS, USSD-request or on the operator's website.


Try to find the location of the subscriber MegaFon,dial * 140 # or sending an empty message to the short number 1400. In this case, you can add users to a special list for quick access by sending a phone number to 1400. Then the person to whom the message was sent will be asked to determine their location. To give consent to the procedure, he must send a response message with the word "YES". As a result, you get user location. Disable service possible by sending the message "OFF" to the short number 1400.


Another way to connect the navigatorMegafon is to send SMS messages with the word "WHERE" and phone number 1400 or a set of command * 140 * and phone number in international format. Please note that use of the service is not charged. To learn more about monthly fee, as set out in your area, call the toll-free number 0500.


You can find the location of the subscriber Megaphoneby number, opening the site "Navigator" service and by going to the "Search" section. Here you need to enter the phone number you want your phone and click "Find." If you are not using your computer and cell phone, address of the site on a mobile device will take the form http://wap.navigator.megafonpro.ru. Select a destination from your personal list and use the on-screen instructions to complete the search procedure. Find for MegaFon subscriber number can be and with the help of "MegaFon - Yandex" application. Download it on http://wap.megafon.ru/ya site and install on your phone, go to the menu item "Find other users", and then select the desired contact and click "View Map."

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