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How to find the location of the MTS subscriber

You can find the location of the MTS subscriber by its number

Knowing your mobile number, you will be able to quickly find the location of the MTS subscriber.

This mobile operator is a number of special services that are available to connect at different rates.



Quite often with the need to findMTS subscriber location facing parents who want to always be aware of where their child. In this case, you can use the "Child Monitor". Connecting it is carried out with the child's phone. Send to number 7788 SMS-message containing the text "mum" or "dad", then follow the instructions of the system. The current location of the child will be displayed on the map. You can use this service free of charge the first two weeks, then the monthly fee for each month will be 50 rubles. With this you can set an unlimited number of requests for locating the child for three members of your family. For everyone else, the cost of a single request will be 5 rubles.


Use the "Locator" service to findMTS subscriber's location. Use the short number 6677 for sending a free SMS message with the name and telephone rights. Thereafter, the subscriber will receive a text request for determining its location, to which it can respond to or refuse consent. If yes, you will get the current position of man. In the future you will be able to define them without the consent of the subscriber. It is enough to write a message including the word "WHERE" and the caller's name in Latin letters on the number 6677. Each request will cost you 10 rubles.


Connect the option "Mobile employees", whichalso responsible for finding the MTS subscriber, but it is a highly specialized and designed for the owners of companies and enterprises. With it they can be aware of the movements of its staff. Please contact your local office of the MTS subscriber and send a request to the list Name of staff and corporate numbers of phones that will be connected to a single system. You can track the location of employees and vehicles of your company by phone and GPS-enabled device. Payment service "Mobile employees" on a monthly basis through a corporate account or separate accounts.

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